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Kimberly Enterprises is a small family owned and operated business.  The company was started nearly 30 years ago.  With humble beginnings, we have managed to stay in business offering great customer service and quality products.  Initially manufacturing just single framed tiles, we have since moved our effort to our current line of keepsake boxes and musical jewelry boxes. 

Our goal is to provide customers with a unique and thoughtful gift that will evoke feelings of delight and nostalgia.  Our boxes are elegant, as well as attractive, and would be a great accent to any home or office.  The distinctive feature of our product is the “Graphic Art Tile” inlay on the lid. With a large selection of stock images we can create a variety of boxes that convey a personal sentiment.  Along with our stock images, we offer true personalization by incorporating the customers’ own photos, wedding invitations, birth announcements, etc., on the tile.  By personalizing the tile, there is no doubt that our product will be a true one of a kind gift.

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